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Consultation or Wellness Assessment


Why use this service?


♦To discuss possible suggestions for natural therapies when facing a health decision

♦To discuss symptoms and health issues that concern you

♦To discuss and learn more about nutrition and a healthier lifestyle

♦To have an assessment made of your overall wellbeing

My goal is to help you feel healthier and happier through education and a lifestyle that supports health.  In the event of illness, to facilitate and enhance the body's inherent ability to establish, maintain and restore health through the safe and effective use of whole foods and natural therapies.

What is an online consultation?

An online consultation is not merely an electronic mail message—it is a two-way discussion process whereby you and I work together to develop strategies that will assist in helping you to understand and effectively use methods leading to balance and wellness. 

Your online consultation will include as many email contacts as it takes for me to evaluate the source of your health concern and to make suggestions regarding a course(s) of action.

If you have further questions, additional time may be provided by requesting a follow-up consultation.

How long will it take to get answers?

Once request for consultation and confirmation of payment has been received you will be notified via email within two business days and your consultation process will begin.

I strive to provide a prompt response time to all questions, and all electronic mail messages will be answered as they are received, but priority will be given to urgent cases.

You can begin your consultation process by reading the fee schedule below, then using the drop down menu click on the service you are interested in and then proceed to the Pay Now Button and follow the instructions. 

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Fee Schedule:



Which Service?

Consultation fee can be paid by Paypal, Electronic Money Transfer or credit card

What is an Electronic Money Transfer? If you have an email address and an online banking password at a participating bank, you can send and receive money quickly and easily. Email carries the notice while the bank securely transfers the money using existing payment networks. If your bank does not yet offer Electronic Money Transfers, you can still deposit transfers to any bank account in Canada. For details Click here